Who owns the photographs?

The copyright of the photographs stays with MK Property Photography, however each set of photos comes with a usage licence and reflects how the photos will be used. The licence also covers for how long the photos can be used and in which territories. This allows the estate agent to use the photos solely for the purpose of marketing a property. There is often a general  misunderstanding with licensing,  so we therefore recommend visiting the AOP (The Association of Photographers) website to learn more about the reasons behind licensing.

How long does it take to photograph a property?

As a guide, a typical 3 bedroom property can take up to 1 hour to photograph, with a floor plan included. If a property has been cleaned and well staged, prior to being photographed, then less time may be needed at the property.

Can your property photos really sell a property?

The primary goal for using professional photography is to help increase enquiries and requests for viewings of a home, they are after all the first impression a buyer will have. More viewings therefore can only increase the likelihood that a property will sell.

Which areas of the UK do you cover?

Our main catchment area is across Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire and North London. We can of course travel further afield but this may incur additional charges.

I am a home owner, how do I get my estate agent to use your services?

If you are currently in the process of selling and not really happy with the photos being used to market your property, then simply instruct your agent to contact us and we will liaise with them directly.

As a home owner, should my estate agent pay for the photos or should I?

It’s entirely between you and your agent. If you invest in our service before you instruct an estate agent, then you will already have taken care of an important aspect of the marketing process. You could therefore, use this as a means to negotiate a better rate with an agent.